Any existing designs from the seasonal collection can be developed or adjusted to suit your personal taste.

Modifications such as adding sleeves, removing embellishment, altering the neckline or any other change that befits your requirements can be carried out here.

I will assist and advise where necessary and will provide plenty of drawings, notes and samples at each stage of the process to ensure the final design is exactly what you have in mind.

There is a lot of preliminary design work to establish details and to finalise your garment, you’ll receive drawings and notes on your design every step of the way to help you visualise your final piece.

These projects are tailored entirely to the client which makes them the ideal option for brides and bridesmaids who want something specific or are seeking a design they would never find elsewhere.

I promise a professional design plan that contributes clarity and structure to the journey ensures a bride will look and feel her very best on the day of her wedding.

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