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Our Vision:

    To make sustainable fashion comprehensible, accessible and fun for the environmentally-conscious customer by repurposing unwanted textiles to casual streetwear and bespoke garments for weddings, events and formal occasions

Bespoke Bridal

Designing and creating bespoke bridal dresses, incorporating upcycled materials when appropriate, tailored to a bride’s own unique style and flair.

A collaborative design process to bring the bride’s vision to life, alternatively Dulcima can offer an array of initial ideas to inspire and get a bride started. We welcome the opportunity to reuse and incorporate parts of other gowns into a final design if a bride something she’d like to incorporate. Bespoke bridal shopping gives the bride ultimate say without compromise.

Custom Design

UK dressmaker Dulcima offers the service to design and create womenswear and menswear precisely to your specific requirements. As Dulcima has had such varied dressmaking experience, including experimental costume projects, we confidently work with most dress fabric types and effectively get the most out of the fabric’s qualities and aesthetic. We can work with you to create something from scratch for a specific occasion, replicate an outfit from an image you like or reconstruct part of an existing garment.

Suit Tailoring

We work with a huge collection of top quality textiles that are all woven here in the UK; the fabrics range from traditional British fibres to bold, statement colours all in a variety of weights and thicknesses. Clothing made this way promises to be ultimately comfortable and practical as the fabric is cut specifically to fit around not only your shape but the way you stand and move.

Sustainable Fashion

The place to find sustainable fashion at its best, offering a clothing range that is unique and ever-changing. We make what we can from donations. All garments have been ethically made in our UK studio and are designed by Kent-based fashion artist Dulcima. The brand look has a fun, offbeat and distinctive style; it embraces timeless trends and takes upcycled fashion to a new level due to the innovative, recycled fabrics we make and use.

   While we are environmentally-conscious, we’re also proud to say everything here is made in Britain and that we support our home economy by keeping our supply (and product) chain as localised as we can, in doing so, keeping our carbon emissions to a minimum. We are as home-grown as a fashion company can get.

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