Dulcima Wear and Tear Couture is an environmentally conscious womenswear brand that introduces a creative slant on classic designs through use of unwanted or damaged clothing. It’s a fashion company that is joining the protest against throwaway fashion and modern disposable culture.

The brand is ‘Wear and Tear Couture’ as it combines elements inspired by ‘high fashion’ (couture) with the rawness of upcycling (wear and tear). It is a minimum-waste brand and aims to use up offcuts where it can and revives unwanted or damaged garments in an effort to contribute as little as possible to landfill.

Dulcima Wear and Tear Couture began when Dulcima started learning to sew and made clothes using odds, ends and hand-me-downs. The company design style unashamedly features details from the fabric’s previous life such as the seams, the worn and torn, distressed areas and raw, fraying hemlines. The design style also incorporates patches and inserts; a tribute to the longevity garments should all be given.

The Dulcima brand adopts the attitude of Kintsugi when it comes to fashion design; Kintsugi is the Japanese art of fixing broken ceramic objects together with gold, rendering the fixed item more beautiful than it began in the first place. The Dulcima brand believes this is the same with clothes and that a patch, a stitch or any kind of fix makes any item of clothing considerably more important, valuable and beautiful.