Fashion designer Dulcima Showan, founder of Dulcima Wear and Tear Couture as well as front woman of Canterbury band CoCo and the Butterfields, has just released her latest range of garments locally handmade from exclusively recycled and vintage fabrics which will be on sale from Saturday 7th July 2018. In order to upcycle the huge collection of donated remnants, Dulcima is offering a selection of womenswear available from her website www.dulcima.co.uk – featuring mainly the patchwork Dulcima Bustier – but with a bit of a twist… as this is no ordinary fashion designer, this is no ordinary fashion deal.
Customers have the choice of garment size and colour but cannot choose the individual prints and patterns, the individual fabrics they receive are down to chance as the task of matching swatches is down to the designer. “Consider it a form of ‘roulette fashion'” says Dulcima, “recycling clothing isn’t particularly feasible on mass but it’s perfect for one off garments which means customers receive something that is truly unique.”
Returning to her trademark design style, the Dulcima Bustier design features patchwork, frayed edges and lightweight structure for the wearer’s comfort and practicality – developed first hand as the design has been quite literally ‘road tested’ by Dulcima herself while touring with CoCo and the Butterfields!
Dulcima believes this next range to be not only eye catching and quirky in terms of design but also an important message to counteract society’s modern throw-away culture; “I feel it’s almost my duty to preserve all these materials, give them another life and make them last, especially in a culture where everything seems so disposable.

Get in touch wth a quick Hello! via Facebook, Instagram or her website www.dulcima.co.uk to receive a 10% discount code.
Email: dulcima@dulcima.com
Phone: +44 7553807443
Web: http://www.dulcima.co.uk/
Facebook and Instagram: @dulcima_design

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